What I Learned at Spring Medtrade 2017

I always look forward to attending Spring Medtrade in Vegas. First of all…it’s in Las Vegas!!! Need I say more? Second there’s a different vibe in Vegas. Maybe it’s the shortened time period, maybe it’s that it attracts more folks from the west coast, or maybe it’s the venue. Whatever the reason, this year’s Medtrade brought with it a new focus. The Medtrade Educational Advisory Board (EAB) paid attention to comments from previous year’s evaluations and did a conference ‘shake up.’ The sessions where composed of mainly panels in hopes to inspire more interaction and networking opportunities. This was an interesting change from individual or dual presenter seminars.

Overall, it seemed well received. Although a bit of a surprise at first for those in attendance, it did provide a great opportunity for interaction between participants and facilitators. My takeaway from the experience as a panelist and moderator is that providers are motivated to make changes, find new opportunities and make synergistic contacts that can help them promote their business. In previous years, billing and audit presentations were hot topics. 2017 seems to be the year of operations; finding ways to make their companies run more efficiently and looking at a business plan that is strong and will move forward in these interesting times. Learning from others experiences and sharing their own made for a very positive experience. Networking was the key word for this Medtrade.


“Networking – the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions”
– Merriam Webster

One of my favorite aspects of what I do is to be able to visit a variety of different companies. Thereby, I get to network for part of my living. People bring me to their businesses to help them operationally but I always have the honor of learning new aspects of the healthcare arena that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity had I not traveled to their locations. Each company has a unique fingerprint in their community. Even if an organization has multiple branches in different cities/states there is an overriding corporate culture, but different nuance based on locale. That’s the benefit of doing what I do, I get to see a variety of businesses and their unique set-ups.

Networking whether at a trade show in Vegas or with business people/owners in your community is a great way to learn and improve your own operations. And if that doesn’t help, there’s always wine…

Till next time….Sarah