Nichole Mowery



ECS North is proud to introduce you to a very valuable member of our team…Nichole Mowery.

Nichole joined the ECS team in July 2010.   She is a Senior Account Manager (SAM) where her primary responsibilities are working closely with her clients managing their revenue cycle.  She works with payers and her team to maximize revenue opportunities to increase collections.   Nichole began her career with ECS North working in the payment application department where she quickly moved up to become the manager of the department.  Rounding out her experience, she performed many different functions within the organization making her way to the SAM position. 

Nichole graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tiffin University and she has a 10-year-old cat named Cami.   In her spare time, she is busy planning for her upcoming wedding.  Outside of her full schedule being her own wedding planner she enjoys spending time with her family especially her twin nieces born in October.    Nichole stated that she draws motivation from inspirational quotes, podcasts, and her fiancé.  

She said that her favorite part of working at ECS North is that she really loves what she does.  She enjoys working with her clients and gaining payment on her clients claims especially those where she has had to fight with the payers to gain resolution on patients claims. She likes a challenge and won’t give up.

Nichole had this to say about why she loves working at ECS North: “I love working at ECS because I have worked and grown so much over the years within the company by watching and learning from our management team.”