Molly Sullivan


ECS North is proud to introduce you to a very valuable member of our team…Molly Sullivan. 

Molly joined the ECS team in August of 2015 as a Denial Assistant.  She is a Senior Account Manager (SAM) where her primary responsibilities are working closely with her clients managing their revenue cycle.  She works with payers and her team to maximize revenue opportunities to increase collections.   Her attention to detail, tenacity, persistence, and work ethic makes her an exceptional asset to ECS North and her clients. 

Molly graduated from Ashland University and is engaged with her upcoming wedding slated in August.  In her spare time, she helps her fiancé with his new Chiropractic business and planning their wedding. Outside of those two major events in her life, she enjoys anything outdoors; biking, hiking, snowboarding, and kayaking with her future husband. Molly has a rescue dog named Mia who is part German Shepherd.

Her favorite family tradition is Thanksgiving.  This is a time when they play a game of flag football with all her family members (aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces/nephews).  Molly comes from a large family and Thanksgiving is a time when everyone tries to come home. 

She finds inspiration in her fiancé.  Molly stated that they push each other in their careers and try to obtain their future goals together. Her favorite part of working at ECS North is the great team that she works with.  Her most memorable moments at ECS surround the annual Christmas parties.  Molly said: “Even though this year was a virtual party, we still made the most of it with hilarious games.” 

Molly had this to say about why she loves working at ECS North: “I love working at ECS because it’s a great job to remember, teamwork makes the dream work. There is no position that is above another, because every position is needed to process a claim from beginning to end. Also, who doesn’t love the surprise of seeing what new ways insurances can find to deny a claim?”