Hanna Shoots



ECS North is excited to introduce you to a newer employee of ECS North. We are incredibly excited to watch Hannah Shoots continued growth within our team. She started just last fall in October of 2021.

Hannah joined the ECS North team as an Intake Documentation Specialist, and we are looking forward to continued success. As a team member, her focus is benefit verification, medical documentation retrieval and review, and working prior authorization requests for our clients. Her knowledge as she works on multiple clients goes full circle, which is used to educate our clients. 

Hannah attended Lima School of Medical Massage, which focused on Massage Therapy and Business. She enjoys traveling when she has the opportunity but more importantly, spending that time with her six-year-old son Elias, and her cat, Cookie. As her son grows, she takes the time to enjoy nature and spend quality time cooking with her family, playing games, and watching movies after a long day outside. As she grows in her career, she finds inspiration in her son and the excitement to watch him grow and succeed.

The pandemic has created a whole new set of challenges. In business, it is working remotely. As companies continue to focus on maintaining staff through this “separation,” it is vital that companies go the extra mile to ensure employees stay connected with the entire team. Hannah finds the work atmosphere energizing. She mentioned, “it can be hard to stay connected when working remotely, but things like virtual happy hours and the routine staff meetings really help to keep everyone ‘in the know.'” 

Hannah is excited to see what is next in her position. The feeling that a position is not a burden for the first time in a long time is refreshing. She feels a sense of independence within her role. Knowing there is full support from the whole team, including Sarah, is reassuring. “I’m beyond thankful to be a part of a company where the opportunity and encouragement for growth are present,” says Hannah.

We wish you continued success and opportunities in your position; welcome to the ECS North Team.