Abbey Luzader



ECS North is proud to introduce you to a very valuable member of our team…Abbey Luzader.

Abbey joined the ECS team in October 2009.   She is a Senior Account Manager where her primary responsibilities are working closely with her clients managing their revenue cycle.  She works with payers and her team to maximize revenue opportunities to increase collections.  

Abbey has 2 children – Lex who is 14 and Dharma who is 18.  She also has 2 pets.  An adopted deaf American Bulldog named River and a cat named Darla.  Abbey said jokingly that sometimes she will confuse her daughter’s name of Dharma with the cat’s name of Darla when yelling at one or the other.   When she is not working or being a “chauffeur to her children, Abbey loves to be outdoors as much as possible in her free time.  When the weather turns cold and limits her outdoor activities, you can find her in the kitchen baking.   

One of Abbey’s favorite family traditions occurs at Christmas.  Her extended family lives far away so on Christmas Eve she will make a big international themed dinner. Then they will do a fun family activity such as bowling, board games, or going to the movies.  After, they will open gifts that her family sent. 

She stated that her favorite part of working at ECS North is that each day is never the same.  New challenges present themselves and she works with a great team who collaborate toward a common goal of taking care of the clients.

When asked what her funniest moment at ECS North was, she said for 11 years out of force of habit she has parked in the same spot in the company parking lot.  Every evening she will walk out and turn right to go to her car.    There have been a few occasions when she has parked in other spots that are right in front of her, but she still turns right.  She then will stand looking at the empty space wondering where her car is.  She always laughs when she realizes she parked somewhere else and then at what other’s must be thinking when they see her standing looking at an empty parking spot.

Abbey had this to say about why she loves working at ECS North:  “Over the years as a team we have made amazing strides together.  I’m so fortunate to be part of and help lead such an inspiring, progressive, and enthusiastic group of individuals.”