Angie McCave



ECS North is excited to introduce you to a treasured member of our team, Angie McCave. Angie joined the ECS North team in June of 2016 as a Billing Assistant. Shortly after joining the team, she excelled, then transitioned into an Account Manager based on her commitment to her position. Her primary responsibilities include resolving outstanding claims, and providing a continuous flow of revenue to the provider. Her attention to detail translates into paid claims for our clients. Angie attended school in Washington, PA., and now stays very busy with her growing family. In her spare time, she drives her boys to basketball practices and attends their games. Angie would love more spare time, but she enjoys being there for her family and her two dogs named Jack and Sadie. Angie mentioned that she finds inspiration “in every day”; Each moment is an opportunity to make a memory.

“Some days you understand the music, and some days you understand the lyrics.”

As her boys continue to grow, she remembers a family tradition in particular; an annual picnic in the late summer with what she describes as the best Slip-n-Slide ever! She enjoyed gathering as a family at the picnics, but she also enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinners. Angie says with ECS, “There is never a dull moment; it’s constantly changing and evolving,” which is why she continues to enjoy her position. Angie always has this quote in the forefront of her mind and remembers that “Everyone has two eyes, but no one has the same view.