Employee Training

-Experience, Commitment, Solidarity, and Profitability-

A company’s most valuable asset is the knowledge of their staff.

Employee training is the biggest investment with the greatest return.  What makes a company a top performer?  It’s the  experience and expertise of their team.  Healthcare organizations traditionally find themselves in a position which they can’t provide training to their own staff.The reason…lack of time, staff and skillful educators.  The success of an employee is dependent upon their willingness to learn and the effectiveness of their trainer.
Corporate coaching on revenue cycle procedures and management skills is one of ECS North’s core competencies.  Our training team offers premier teaching techniques on patient intake, coverage criteria, medical documentation review and procurement, claims processing procedures and reporting capabilities among software companies just to name a few.  We also prepare personnel to go from associates to managers.

Training can be done in various manners:

  • Clients site one on one
  • Clients site in a classroom setting
  • Interactive web conferencing
  • On location at the ECS North Corporate Office

“ECS North is your Partner in Success”