Executive Team-1

Executive Team

-Experience, Commitment, Solidarity, and Profitability-

Sarah L. Hanna

Owner and CEO

Sarah Hanna is the CEO and founder of ECS North and has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry owning and operating a successful, independent HME, respiratory, infusion and home health company for 9 years before focusing on the consulting, training and speaking responsibilities for ECS North full-time.

Sarah is a nationally recognized speaker and consultant on revenue cycle management, corporate operations and workflow assessment.  She uses her knowledge and experience to conduct training seminars and personal client consultations on corporate operations and workflow as well as effective accounts receivable collections.  Sarah provides information on staffing and reporting mechanisms for corporate success. 

She is a member of HomeCare Magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board and is a VGM Consultant.  Sarah is a contributing writer for HME News and HomeCare Magazine on reimbursement and operational efficiencies.  Her experience gives her the opportunity to conduct webinars, teleconferences, and present live for AAHomecare, various state and regional associations and conferences including VGM’s Heartland Conference and Business Forum as well as Medtrade Fall and Spring. 

Her company, ECS North provides billing and consulting services to HME, pharmacies, infusion, respiratory and supply companies throughout the United States.  The ECS North client list ranges from small independent providers to large health systems. 

Kit Shellhouse

Vice President of Operations

She has over 20 years’ experience in business operations management.  She has conducted numerous training webinars along with personal client consultations on business operations and medical documentation process development.  Kit has been a featured speaker for industry groups throughout the U.S. and is currently a member of the Ohio Association of Medical Equipment Services Board of Directors.   As part of ECS North’s support for the healthcare industry, she travels to Washington, DC to partake in grass roots lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

Kit holds a B.A. in Administrative Business Management and completed her Master’s Degree in Business Management in 2002.  Her experience with organizational development, managerial processes and marketing has led her to be an adjunct professor teaching graduate level marketing and management classes at Tiffin University.

Elizabeth Longbrake

Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Elizabeth has over 14 years’ of experience in the healthcare industry.  She consults on revenue cycle management and data analytics to healthcare providers nationwide. Elizabeth is a sought after trainer on billing regulations and process protocols.  She has the unique skill to take these highly complex topics and put them in terms which are easy to follow and understand.  Her expertise includes the healthcare software industry by being proficient in EHR and billing software programs across multiple industries.

As the market changes Elizabeth monitors and directs the ECS North internal revenue cycle team. Her years of experience have given her the talents to perform employee audits for competency and compliance as well as conduct client chart audits for payers across the healthcare continuum.