-Experience, Commitment and Solidarity-

ECS North was formed by Sarah Hanna one of the owners of a home medical equipment, respiratory, infusion therapy company and retail pharmacy.   The billing service began in 1993 and spun off on its own in 1996 as ECS Billing & Consulting, Inc. and became ECS North in 2013.  ECS North is a revenue cycle management, business operations consulting and training firm which focuses on our client’s individual needs. 

The clients of ECS North have a discerning taste and carefully choose their business partners.  Our service is designed to enable and empower our strategic partners to maximize their potential.  Healthcare revenue cycle management is complex.  A few flawed processes can weaken an entire reimbursement sequence and lead to poor financial results.  However, this also provides opportunity.  Optimizing operational workflows and by working with a revenue cycle partner with the same synergistic views, can bring about gains in both cash flow and net revenue. 

ECS is dedicated to improving the operational, reimbursement and strategic performance of healthcare providers.  We are committed to making a positive contribution to the healthcare industry and the clients we serve. Our team of consultants and reimbursement specialists bring knowledge, professionalism and integrity to those we serve. The collaboration between ECS North and your team assists in implementing effective solutions to your company’s most immediate problems.

By choosing the right consultative partner you can strengthen your strategic and financial position in the marketplace.  Companies who partner with ECS are organizations who have a keen insight as to where they want to be positioned in the future.  They are careful in their choices and want quality in services, personal attention and exceptional client relations.  Our clients are a priority; not a number.  ECS North is selective with the companies we work with.  By doing so, our clients are our primary focus.