Jenna Smith

SM077-EOM April LI


ECS North is proud to introduce you to a valuable member of our team, Jenna Smith. Jenna joined the ECS North team in March of 2021 as a medical documentation assistant and plays a vital role in the Intake & Documentation Department. She reviews medical documentation for compliance to meet various payer’s coverage criteria. She works closely with our clients to educate referral sources on proper protocols to improve outcomes. Jenna graduated from Ottawa Glandorf High School and the University of Findlay with a Bachelors in Marketing. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children in her spare time.

Jenna definitely has her hands full as she also has 2 cats that are a part of her growing family but wouldn’t change it for anything. Jenna and her husband have a young family, so this is a work in progress. Ashton, one, and Scarlett, who is just three months old, make it, so new traditions are celebrated every year. Reading and baking have become a family tradition even when there is little time to herself. One of her favorite things is making a turkey at Thanksgiving, as she enjoys cooking for her family and feels accomplished because this is quite the undertaking. One of the traditions she enjoys is spending time in Florida with her in-laws during the holidays, hoping this will continue as her family grows and memories are made. She finds inspiration and motivation through learning new things and being around people who live their lives in a positive light. She loves working at ECS North because of the opportunities to resolve issues and challenges for the clients, and during stressful times, her peers make it enjoyable. A quote that ties closely to why she enjoys her job is, “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift; they call it the Present.”