Jordan Lange



ECS North is proud to introduce you to a very valuable member of our team… Jordan Lange.

Jordan joined the ECS Team in August of 2020 our Payment Application Department.  More recently he was promoted to an Account Manager.  This advancement was well deserved as he proved himself with his attention to detail and his progress through the training program at an above average rate.

Jordan graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.A. in News Media and Communication Technology.  He enjoys spending time with family, friends and especially his girlfriend Claire, who enjoys many of the same things as he does.  Together they travel, listen to music, and especially enjoy spending time outdoors.  As he aims to find inspiration daily, his girlfriend is his main source of inspiration along with friends, music, nature, and any type of art he encounters.

His family is dedicated to preserving tradition and the main way they do this is through an extensive catalogue of memories through picture and video.  He is proud to say that his entire life is available in photographs and home videos to share in the future.

When asked what his favorite part about working at ECS North, Jordan stated it’s the “genuinely fantastic people and the flexibility of working from home affords him time to spend time with those he values the most, his family.”