Macie Harvey

SM073-EOM March-LI


ECS North is excited to introduce you to an essential part of the team, Macie Harvey. She has been with ECS North since May 14th, 2018. Macie joined the ECS North team as a Medical Documentation Assistant. Macie adapts well to change, allowing the executive staff to assign her to special projects when necessary. Her responsibilities include coordinating and tracking medical documentation for our clients. She maintains a positive rapport with our clients’ referrals and a successful relationship with our client base. Macie graduated from Tiffin University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/ Law enforcement but found a passion in healthcare. Living by the ocean allows Macie and her family to enjoy the beach in their free time. She stays busy with her one-year-old son Liam and is expecting another baby boy, Harrison the end of this month. She enjoys sharing her hobbies like crafting and shopping with her family and friends. Being a new mother brings new traditions with her eldest son and continues family traditions such as baking Christmas cookies alongside their father and their dog Smokey, a Terrier/husky mix.

Macie said that her favorite part about working with ECS is feeling valued. She has gained so much knowledge and feels it’s appreciated and noticed consistently. As we all do, we search for inspiration in different places. When Macie was asked what inspires her, she said, “Honestly, I find most of my inspiration on the internet.” A quote that Macie uses to describe how she feels about working at ECS North is, “The greatest asset of a company is its people.” She elaborated by saying, “I say this because if I ever need anything or have questions and concerns, someone always has my back and is not afraid to help. I also feel that Sarah and the staff make everyone feel important and show her appreciation, unlike anyone I have ever worked for.”