Milissa Kummerer



ECS North is proud to introduce you to a very valuable member of our team…Milissa Kummerer.

Milissa joined the ECS team in October 2005.   She is the Supervisor of the Medical Documentation Department where her primary responsibilities are managing, directing and monitoring her staff and the documentation required to meet the coverage requirements payers mandate for prior authorizations and claims payment. 

Milissa has 4 children, 2 dogs and a cat.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending as much time as she can with her children.  When she isn’t with her kids she enjoys reading.  Her favorite family tradition is one that takes place at the family dinner table.  She and her family go around the table and everyone reviews their high and low points of their day.  Milissa stated that she draws inspiration from her children.  They drive her to be the best she can be to be their role model by showing them a strong work ethic and financially providing for her family. 

She stated that her favorite part of working at ECS North is that it is her second family.  Since she has worked for the company for 15 years, she truly cares about the people and they care about her. 

When asked what her favorite or most memorable moment at ECS North was, she said it was “Kit Favre.”  A while back a team member had pasted Kit Shellhouse’s (VP) face to a Brett Favre picture and then placed them all over the office.  Another, which was the most recent, was the rotating “chips and salsa” bowl.  This bowl would be hidden in various offices with goodies inside, but it ended when someone hid it so well it was not discovered for month’s in Katie Schmidt’s (Director of Accounts) office with the food a bit spoiled. 

Milissa had this to say about working at ECS North: “I love working with the smart, strong women Sarah has chosen to put on her team.  They truly are amazing role models.”