Season Henderson



ECS North is excited to introduce you to a fundamental part of our team, Season Henderson. She has been with ECS North since January of 2016.

Season joined the ECS North team as an experienced Biller and was promoted to Account Manager. As a team member, her focus is to use her industry knowledge to work and generate revenue for our clients. Through her experiences collaborating with multiple clients, she continued to grow in her position. This has allowed the executive team to utilize Season on various clients and billing systems over the years. 

Season attended Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, AZ, and resides in Arizona with her family raising her three kids; Anaya, 18, Dustin, 13, and Lily Belle, who is 10. There are various outdoor activities in her area as she stays busy even in her spare time hiking and bike riding with her family. At times, seasonal weather in Arizona keeps her inside due to the heat. 

She enjoys reading and catching up on popular TV shows while cuddling with her golden-haired chihuahua puppy named “Sox.” Season always looks forward to traditions. One is making Christmas ornaments with her family. Outside of the traditional crafty decorations, she and her family always want to learn something new and different. This year the ornaments involved wood-burning; they really enjoyed learning the “how-to,” and next year it will be something even better.

Over the past few years, people have struggled with career, health, and family; Season has used and continues to work on her Vision Boards to keep herself positive. 

Using her creative ideas and outside encouragement from others to visually display her thoughts and ideas is something she enjoys. She does make sure to take time, open her mind, organize her thoughts, and appreciate the goals she sets for herself and her family. Season works remotely from her home office and continues to do a fantastic job managing her family and career. When not working in an office/structured environment with other employees, this is a necessity. With that, Season loves the camaraderie with the ECS North Staff. Sarah Hanna, the CEO, created a team-building committee to keep the staff (no matter the location) connected while working in separate states/coast to coast. Communication during and after-hours is essential to the cohesiveness of the team members. Season expressed this in her favorite quote below.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is a success.”