Sue Risner



ECS North is excited to introduce you to a vital asset to our team, Sue Risner. She has been with ECS North since April of 2015.

Sue joined the ECS North team as a Billing Assistant focusing on accuracy in claims submission and timely resolve as she worked on outstanding accounts receivables. Through her experiences working with multiple clients, she continued to grow in her position. High successes brought her to her current role of Senior Account Manager. Based on her experiences over the years, Sue has become versatile, enabling her to assist with other clients’ account projects and systems when necessary.

Sue attended High School locally and Vanguard Tech Center studying Office Administration. When Sue is not spending time with her son, Anthony and her husband Bill, she stays busy reading, staying current with new TV series and football. More importantly, she enjoys her weekend and day trips with her husband and dog, Buddy, a rescue.

Sue mentioned that she has learned to appreciate traditions and -that spending time back home has become a priority as she gets older. Her parents are initially from a small town in the West Virginia mountains. She and her husband travel there for the weekend around Memorial Day each year to lay flowers at the graveyard and visit relatives. It reminds her of simpler times and the importance of appreciating when there wasn’t much, but they were still happy. The area feels like a second home to Sue. They enjoy the slow pace of the small towns.

Mother Nature is the ultimate inspiration for Sue. On the days when she needs a ‘pick me up,’ she said simply walking outside and getting some fresh air can change her mood and outlook on the day. She mentioned that Mother Nature’s beauty could take your breath away, which helps clear her mind and gives a sense of peace. She finds inspiration at the beach or in the mountains of West Virginia. Having worked for ECS for over six years, she has learned to appreciate what she values: teamwork and flexibility.

Sue had this to say about ECS North:   ECS North has been a Female Owned Company from its inception. Empathy plays a significant role in the ECS Northmanagement style; assisting the employees in balancing work and family commitments. Having that understanding and compassion helps ease stress and plays a large part in the overall daily production of the employees, which she appreciates greatly.